Of course when trading forex online the main aim is to make money.  But for the money to flow in you need to understand some key points and how the forex market works.  Here we discuss the advantages of trading forex vs other investment products and the reason why trading is growing at such an exponential pace.  If you can master the basics, learn about the different trading tools and trade with a trusted Australian forex broker then it is possible to earn an additional $10,000 per month income.

Here are some key reasons why Forex beats other investment products hands down and provides one of the most lucrative ways to make money online..

Make Money trading forex online

No Commissions

Nearly all forex brokers do not charge commissions, brokerage fees or government fees. There are generally no fees on deposits  or withdrawals.  So how do brokers make money?  Well they typically charge a spread which is the difference between the bid and the buy price.  This spread depends on the currency pair you are trading but generally is between 2 – 6 pips.

Trade 24 Hour Market, 5 Days a week

Currency trading is a worldwide phenomenon, whether you are situated in Australia, Europe, Asia or USA markets are open 24 hours 5 days a week and will only close over the weekend.  The forex market never sleeps, so if you hold a full time job and want to make money online then you will have full access to the markets after work and with the use of mobile apps you will even be able to check and make trades whilst at work.

Free Bonuses for New Accounts

Online forex brokers are very keen to provide demo accounts for those who are new to forex and want to learn the basics and provide real money bonuses for all new real accounts opened.  Forex bonuses can range from % match on your first deposit to a fixed amount free on sign up to other exclusive giveaways.  This will help you get started and provide some extra funds for you to trade with.

Broker Info Bonus AU Traders Open Account
Ava Trade Assets:
Demo Account: Yes
Min Deposit: $100
Free Ipad Mini + $1,000 Bonus USA Allowed Visit Broker Read Review
XM Markets Assets:
Demo Account: Yes
Min Deposit: $5
100% bonus on First Deposit USA Allowed Visit Broker Read Review

Low Capital Requirements

Unlike the stock market, term deposits, bonds, futures and most other investment vehicles, Forex requires significantly lower capital requirements.  This is because forex utilizes leverage and minimum account deposits can be as low as $25.

High Liquidity

The forex market is enormous in size, over $4 trillion is traded daily and this number is growing.  What this means for you as a trader is that when you buy and sell there will always be another party who will take on the other side of your trade.  This ensures your funds are never tied up without closing your positions.  With the latest forex trading platforms you can automate your trading to take profit (limit order) or close a trade if it is not working out (stop loss).

So how exactly do I make money trading forex?

Here is an example of how you make money initiating and closing a trade in forex..

Your Trading Action using leverage AUD USD
You purchase 100,000 AUD at the AUD/USD exchange rate of 1.04100 +100,000 -96,061
Two weeks later, you exchange your 100,000 AUD to U.S. dollar at the exchange rate of 1.01900 -100,000 +98,135
You earn a profit over $2,000 0 +2,074
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